Selection Criteria

  • Directory of Research Journals Indexing is establish to providing coverage of the world's research journals to meet its authors current research work and useful information retrieval needs. DRJI is used internationally to provide access to the world's research journal literature. Today DRJI covers over 2500+ international and regional journals in every area of research in world.
    We consider the following points for indexing a journal into our DRJI :

    Editorial Quality :

    • Journals must have ISSN.
    • Journals must have published at-least one issue.
    • Journal must be referred by member of the editorial board.
    • Journal must contain the maximum stipulated number of editorial board members.
    • Published articles must be in a Research Format.
    • Suggestions from Academic,Government,Commercial,Nonprofit,Private sources are accepted.

    Technical Quality :

    • Proper presentation of online & print content.
    • Maintain the quality of the preprint process like diagrams, color.

    Publishing Quality :

    • The journal must be publishing on a regular basis.
    • Continued presence of the journal's issues is the main motto for journal indexing.
    • All published manuscripts must be online and in either pdf format.
    • Journal must have Creative Common Licence.
    • Resources will be cataloged on article title level for metadata information.
    • The focus for the included journals should be on research priority.

    Access Quality :

    • Journals must have separate web address.
    • Journals are of international level and must be of open access.

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